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Once while opening box of memories,
I found thousands of stories,
None was so touching, except one
Placed at the bottom of my heart.

The olden days, the golden place,
At your place, I learnt my English phrase,
You are the one who showed me world,
While others taught the rules for fighting world

Looking at you , I found a lot of flaws in me
That flaws won’t let me flee.

Its been days i have left the place(school)
But you are the reason i can fly to many a place ,
Many a time memory covers like moving cloud ,
But these memory heels my pain like a loud

And since now I am writting this,
These memories won’t stop me from crying
If my mother taught me walking,
You showed me the path for moving in life
And to shines like a star .

One thing I have in my mind
In life, dont know when I would see you next time,
I would make sure you shall be the reason for my shine,
But why i don’t know,
I loves to hate you with all my ……..

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If U r wind……..
Then i’m the tree…..
Whatever U say……I’ll shake my head.

If U r tree…….
Then i’m the wind…..
Whatever U say……….I’ll shake my head.

If U r rain………
Then i’m the earth…….
Whenever U fall……. I’ll hold U.

If U r night…….
Then i’m the star……
Till U exist……… I’ll also exist.

If U r wind……..
Then i’m the tree…..
Whatever U say……I’ll shake my head.

If U r wave………..
Then i’m the shore………..
Even you hit me……… I’ll bear it.

If U r body………..
Then i’m the shadow………..
U don’t have to fall…… I’ll fall for U.

If U r twig………
Then i’m the leaf…………
Till i’m stuck to U……….I’ll alive.

If U r eye……….
Then i’m the eyelid…………
Till i unite with U…….. I’ll tremble.

If U r breathe…………
Then i’m the body………..
I’ll allow only U ………to emphasize my life.

If U r wind……..
Then i’m the tree………
Whatever U say……….I’ll shake my head.

If U r sky………..
Then i’m the blue colour…………
I’m mixed with U………so we’ll exist together.

If U r thought ………
Then i’m the speech…………
Only when U say…….. I’ll revealed.

If U r sunshine……….
Then i’m the cuckoo…………
Seeing Ur arrival day……do i sing?

If U r garment……….
Then i’m the body…………
When U sleep……… I’ll wear u.

If U r morning……….
Then i’m the first sun ray………….
Always …………i stay only resting on U.

If U r samosa………
Then i’m the chutny………..
As our combo………spice up my life.

If U r wind……..
Then i’m the tree…..
Whatever U say……I’ll shake my head.

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Tanhai bhi kabhi apna sa lagta hai,
Muskura ke dekho to wo bhi sapna sa lagta hai.

Aankh band hote hi bahot apne dekhe hai,
Par aankh khol ke apna milna sapna sa lagta hai.

Sapne mai to kai dhundhle chehre nazar aate hai,
Par ab apna chehra bhi sapna sa lagta hai.

Lal-gulabi-hra-nila kuch keh jaya kati hai,
Par ab kisi si kuch sunn na bhi sapna sa lagta hai.

Band aankho se to kai sapne dekhe hai,
Par khuli aankho se ab sab sapna sa lagta hai .

Mil-jul liya bahot anzano se,
Par abb khud se milna bhi sapna sa lagta hai….
Par ab khud se milna bhi sapna sa lagta hai….

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Dear Someone

Dear Someone,

It’s been a long time since i last saw you. In other words, its been a long time since i’ve felt alive.
The only time i’m smiling these days is when i’m thinking of you.
See, i never believed in love at first sight and i don’t believe even now.
But i remember the first time i saw you. I remember the day, what you wore and how you exactly looked. It felt like the time stop for a while.
I was so lost in your beauty that i constantly kept thinking about you for days, nothing else but you only.
And i don’t mean that i was mesmerized by your looks only, though it played a part i was astonished by your personality.
Your sense of humor, your kindness and the way you know to handle things without showing any stress on your beautiful face.
Everytime you are around me
all i do is watch your smile,
I watch you flip your hair,
I watch how your eyes search for me (that’s only my imagination though).
You’re the cutest person i’ve met, also the boldest one.

I adore how you do what you believe is right and,
what you stand for is never wrong, not most of the time.
But i also hate you,
I hate how you cry for small things.
I hate how you never care for yourself even when someone hurts you.
I hate you for not talking to me even when you feel my presence.
I hate you for being my weakness but you’re also my will to fight & i love you for that.

Did i just say love ?
Guess, that is true.
Now that i think, i’ve been in love with you for a long long time
And even i was unaware of that.
But seeing you being far from me i hate to admit that i realized it this late.
These words aren’t a proposal for you to answer in yes or no.
It is just a reminder to you that
If you ever feel like there’s no one to care for you remember me. I will always be in the shadows watching your eyes blink, lips smile and will be eagerly waiting to hear the melodies that you’ve kept hidden inside your heart.
Your heart, i want to explore every corner of it.

I know we are headed to different destinations
But i do hope to meet you somewhere in the road so we can walk together, me beside you, holding our hands.
till than
live your life in bliss
hope god fulfills every wish of yours.
Love, lots of love
From someone lost in the depth of your eyes and the curves of your smile.
And girl
If you ever fall in love, let me be the one you fall for

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Ye kuch baate hai

Aaj mera dil jakhmi hai,
Par saaso mai magruri( attitude)hai,
Ye kuch baate hai jo bekar hai,
Par tujhe batani jaruri hai.

Aaj tune nahi pucha haal mera ,
Par tabyat meri achi hai,
Muskaan jara si jhooti hai,
Par ye baate bilkul sachhi hai,
Aaj tune nahi pucha,
Phir bhi mai ne khana khaya hai,
Aaj subah tera call nahi tha,
Par aaj meei maa ne mujhe jagaya hai,
Sukriya tera,Sukriya tera,
Ki aaj raja beta hua hu phir se,
Ye kuch baate hai …………..
Par tujhe batani……………..

Aaj barre dino baad WhatsApp pe,
Dp badal daali hai,
Kya batau teri saari photos delete kr ke,
Kya gazab ki neend ayi hai,
Aaj tere hone ya na hone ka koi asar nai hota hai,
Aaj jaa tu 24 ghante online reh le mujhe fark nahi parta hai,
Are bahot guzarish kr li tum se,
Ab shakhti apni bhi puri hai,
Ye kuch baate hai…………
Par tujhe batani…………..

Aaj tujhse nahi mila mai,
Par mulakaat khud se ho gyi hai,
Tere bina mai jee nahi sakta ,
Ye galat fehmi dur ho gyi hai,
Aaj unn purane conversation ko maine phir se nahi tatola hai,
Abb tu hi padh unko ki fakar hoga tujhe,
Ki tune kitni khubsoorti se jhoot bol daali hai,
Are aaj tanha hu to kya hua?
Iss tanhayi sai yaari hai,
Ye kuch baate hai…………….
Par tujhe batani………………

Haa phone se lekr jehan tak,
Har jagah se tujhe nikala hai
Rihaa sa ho gya hu,
Jab se tera number delete krr daala hai,
Mai darta tha jiss kal se,
Usee akho mai ankhe daal dekh aaya hu,
Tere lye unn khato ko,unn phulo ko,
Khushboo samet phek aaya hu,
Aaj to jaise jeet gya hu,
Barna bataa sache aashiq ne kabhi kya baazi haari hai ?
Ye kuch baate hai………….
Par tujhe batani……………

Aaj tere ghar ke aage se nahi nikla,
Par bahot durr tak jaa pahucha hu,
Firta tha kabhi galli-galli,
Abb aashmaan mai urta hu,
Maaushi thi chaayi jaha par,
Aaj mushkkan waha par phir se laut kar aayi hai,
Dekh palko bhi kitni khush hai aaj,
Mudato baad gaalo sai jo takrai hai,
Dekh aaj mai akela hu aur pura hu,
Tu kisi ke saath hoke bhi adhuri hai,
Ye kuch baate hai……….
Par tujhe batani…………

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I’m going to write few lines on much more complex topic but i tried my best. Let’s see how’s this……….

The day the whole world thought most deserving to celebrate love. Maybe it’s a good thing and maybe it isn’t. Come to think about it, love is such a generic thing. How do you categorize relationships? Someone teach me, because I have a life full of complicated relationships beyond explanation.

What am I doing on 14th February 2018? Well, I was hoping I could pull together a vase of flowers for my grandmother and then bring both of my grandparents out for a date and play cupid an entire evening. And if that fails (because they’re old and maybe I’ll cook dinner at home), I’ll be home with a tub full of ice cream(chocolate flavour) watching my favourite movies and maybe getting jealous over those flowers, hearts and chocolates on my FB feed, WhatsApp Status.

Tell me, how does one go about falling in love, and meaning so much to each other and when you break up, what happens?(Let’s not forget those who celebrate yearly, monthly and weekly anniversaries.) Something tells me it’s not as simple as chucking away the dead bouquet of flowers and tearing pictures off of your wall. What do you do to all those pictures on your social medias and that too with multiple accounts, do you go about deleting them and replacing it with a stupid quote like, ‘Single is the way to go’ emotional emojis, or do you post new pictures with your newfound soulmate? Because you clearly seemed to think the last one was THE ONE, but nope. So, now there’s an ex and there’s the next. How do you fix your broken heart and fall in love again, and more so this question to those who fall in love fast… Nothing wrong with falling in love fast, everyone needs some love, everyone deserves love and most importantly, everyone deserves to heal. And then, there are those cheating while in a relationship? It sounds disgusting as it is, if you truly respect the one you’ve been loving, no matter how much your love is falling apart, you end that relationship before starting a new one, it’s common sense. You don’t break that person’s heart and shamelessly accept the fact that you were screwing someone else and blame them even more for a failing relationship to begin with for which you might have been a reason for. Those kind of people need to rot in hell.

We’re getting out of context? Yea I thought so too, let’s leave it there and get onto talking about what I really wanna say.

So, No……
This Valentine’s will be yet another one adding to my 17 years’ list(minus few) of single life. Oh don’t get me wrong, being single is probably the world’s best feeling ( Don’t be wrong) and believe me, it’s better off this way. I’m genuinely happy except for the fact that maybe I spend too much time alone (not whole) and I’m far too okay with it. Not that it’s wrong, well it shouldn’t be.

You want an honest answer, sure I was jealous. Say until one year or half months ago. Jealousy doesn’t hit me off anymore because love my dear, isn’t true. I used to respect love ,in my own world and be fond of relationships and the idea of having to be with one and marrying the SAME one. But somewhere along the line, it got corrupted and maybe it was okay with everyone but not so simply with me. I’d rather be alone than to put my heart out and let someone take it and fool me around in the name of love but i did unwillingly that mistake.

I have friends who are still in love with the same girl from day one and that, I really respect. I’m not saying you can’t be in love over and over again, I’m saying it’s a weird concept for me to accept and be okay with. Maybe because of everything I had and lost, and because of everything I saw too fake and maybe because of everything I was promised to and got broken. Don’t mistake me for a ‘Valentine Complainer’, I’m not one. I still love the idea of cheap chocolates and flowers and hearts waiting to be broken or with broken one. Kidding with the last one.

I know of people out there who’ve long given up hope on love and life, I know of people who are looking for someone to fill the space that has been empty far too long, I know of people longing for love, the one they know they wouldn’t find. I was someone who had unshakable faith in love, and now it’s just broken pieces of glass on the damn floor cutting my feet as I try to walk along the road of life. It’s trouble, it’s pain and more than anything, it’s too much memories to give up to be carried around for the rest of your life. And tell me, what’s more depressing than that?

See, you don’t have to be Romeo and Juliet or whatever legacy to prove your love, Dear, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just to each other, that’s all I ask. Love isn’t wrong, but because of all the messed things that happen in between and because of all the fucked up issues you hear concerning two people, just makes you wanna throw yourself off the edge.

Love isn’t about the right or wrong, it’s simply about falling in love with someone who inspires you to be a better person each day, it’s about being in love with that someone no matter how screwed things get, it’s about looking back at ridiculous times and laughing them off , it’s about understanding, it’s about trust. It’s about pretty much everything and anything you can’t find these days.

When you love someone, genuinely, that kind of love never dies. Sure you can fight and get mad and maybe even leave each other for good, but deep down inside we both know you read that sentence and got reminded of someone you can never have again because of various reasons but there goes the heart yearning for yet another love before it’s all healed up. That’s just part of being human. You’ve got your humanity to love and be loved, you can’t pretend to be a monster who doesn’t need love because, let’s be real, everyone wants to be loved and everyone deserves to be loved.

With or without a better half, Valentine’s can still be celebrated. Celebrate it with your family and friends, people who’ve always been there ( not as last option). Or with people who don’t leave you behind or break your heart and pretend not to care. With people who’ve had your back a lot more times than you can count, people who can’t go on a day without texting you, people who love you so much that with or without a title; they’re always there, people who’ve walked your dreams and aspirations with you, and people who you know can’t live another second seeing you collapse a whole in front of them. These people need not be someone you’d hug and kiss everyday but are still your own saviours, so maybe Valentine’s isn’t actually just for those in love with someone they intend to marry someday. Maybe there should be no Valentine’s, everyday should give you a reason and purpose to celebrate those around you. You don’t need a damn occasion to tell you to plan a nice dinner or a long drive or a sweet and surprising moment, you just need to find time and give yourself an excuse to pull it all together.

If you’ve got no Valentine, don’t sulk either. It’s just another year and who knows when the chapters end and begin, your life might just start to change right about now or tomorrow or next week. Either way, the presence of someone shouldn’t put you on and off a good mood, it isn’t healthy. Never let anyone be in charge of the way you feel, it’s like handing over born- devil your heart and expecting him not to break it. More so, you have control over your own life and if you think your current situation is awful, do something about it and get off the damn bed. You define yourself. The love of your life should make you better but you have to be somewhere in good shape to hold your lives up together because he or she is probably hoping you’d make them better too! And thinking that the day you find love, is gonna magical make your life go from 0 to 100 real quick, doesn’t exist, you’re not Cinderella, Prince Charming , so either walk into sunshine proudly or scrub floors forever. You decide.

Love is the one thing that gives everyone some kind of hope to wanna get off the bed or keep living life and doing something better each day. Now I wake up every day so that I can spend more time with those I love because such precious time wasted won’t come back no matter how hard you cry when they’re gone. I finally moved my steps and took my phone and deleted all the fuckinggg contacts , pictures, everything. And stupid thing about humans is that you always want something you can’t have, and the moment you have it, you disregard it and when it’s gone, you go crazy obsessing over how you never appreciated it in the first place. So, don’t repeat the damn cycle and make a difference, one that you’ll be proud of when you’re 70 and telling life stories to your grandchildren.

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Mai baat tumhari karta hu

Mai baat tumhari karta hu,
Sab kehte hai sayari katrta hu.

Pehle to sirf dekha aur socha karta tha,
Par na jane ku abb sapne mai bhi tum se baate karta hu,
Mai baat tumhari…………
Sab kehte hai………………

Mai aksar kuch apni jeb mai rakh ke tumhare pass aata hu,
Par na jane kuu bin kuch bole wapas chala jata hu,
Mai baat tumhari……………
Sab kehte hai…………………

Tum hame bhula di to koi nai baat nahi,
Lekin yaad rakhna jis din humne tumhe bhula diya uss din duniya mai sachi  jajbaat nahi,
Mai baat tumhari…………..
Sab kehte hai………………..

Jis mor pe aakar tum hasti ho,

Uss mor ka aakhiri ghar mera hai,

Kabhi fursat ho to aakar ke,

Ek kupp chai to pii jana,

Arr saath mai yaade le jana,

Mai baat tumhari…………..

Sab kehte hai……………….


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My love is like having a chocolate in the hand of diabetes patient

I love u much more than as a child loves a KISMIBAR….

I love to hold u like stick of LOLLIPOP….without which its like sucking waste…

I loves to enjoy ur presence,more buttery than that of HERSEY‘S…

I loves to think nd get lost in utopian world like having MELODY in mouth…
Ur way of replying is more greedythan mouth watering DAIRY MILKSILK….
Ur presence produces more cooling sensation than that of MONCHERRY
Even ur memory exites me more than that of COFFITINO
U grace me even more than that of FERRORO ROCHER
Ur every word melts like the squeezing of PULSE in mouth…
Ur one sensation give me pleasure like getting 1000’s of AMENDI
Ur furor is like having VICKS in mouth…
Ur smile is more watering than
Ur gratitude is like full box of FROZZEN HOUTE CHOCOLATE….
Ur pay with lifetime is more expensive than the whole LE-CHOCOLAT BOX of the world…..
If i’ll try to get this all….it makes me the patient of diabetes…..
U nd me is like a chocolate and the boy who loves to taste but can’t bcz of DOBLE DACKER‘s taste……

But instead of this im eagerly waiting for tis CHOCOLATE…..!!!

Shld i got….god knows???

Keshav Sawarn

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For me loveRAIN

For me,
You are the rain….
I see something in you that no one else does.

I waited to see you as like a farmer for rain,
You feed me with all of my love,
You shower me with inspiration and self- importance…..
Which help myself to grow,
And make me more beautiful .

But the fact is, you are dependent
On Monsoon my dear!!!
So i have to love myself(egoism)
More than you.

Now i’m the sun
On my own,
I just start burning for you,
And you are for others ,
But the irony is,
Both for others.

Are we complete??
But we can work together and do amazing things,
We have light, we have dark but we are strong,
We can do anything,
With the power of our affection.

But the reality on the zero ground
Is different,
Who is responsible,
I don’t know,,……
But thank to god,
The world is going on.

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