Feelings, oh feelings!

Because i shifted myself over you,
You hurt me with your careless insults.
They cut through me like a knife,
But blood doesn’t comes out,
So that it cured by expert surgeon.

Like nails were driven into my heart and soul,
So I went to live in the woods,
To make it easier for me to forget
the hurt,
And all the things you have done and said.

You’ve done me wrong by killing myself,
I play the records you’ve engraved into my mind,
Over and over again every day,every hours,every minutes,every seconds,to ever nano……micro……

So I went to live in a world
far away from danger, from harm,
from you and people like you.

Feelings, oh feelings!
Who can escape your presence?
Who can pretend as if you never have to be dealt with?

Who can be so foolish to think,
That one can go on the run,
Without carrying you in the heart,
Until one dares to search,
For the place where you were conceived to hide?

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The line is dead,
With no voice on the other end.

My dreams form a mystery,
As I search for my best friend,
The air is foggy and,
I can’t find his face.

The one that makes me smile,
And keeps me locked into place,
He stands before me,
In all situation.

But this time he faces the other way,
As I grab at his shoulders,
“Turn and face me,” I say,
His feet start to shuffle,
His legs start to twist.

But with a negativeness,
As i’m unknown to him,
He asked me very softly,
May i know you???

His face gives me life,
Without it I’m lost,
I need that sense of comfort,
I don’t care what it costs.

But as I open my eyes,
I find myself back in bed,
With no face before me,
And the line still dead.

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This poem, ‘frienREAM’ is under copyright of RhYmOpeDia.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2018 RhYmOpeDia

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Proposal to The MooN

I proposed the Moon one Night,
To be my bride,

and I’ll be the groom.To live in the Sky, where the constellations will be our home,
And for the adventures for us will be all Galaxies to roam.Our World will be lighten up by the Sun’s shine,
Clouds will play the music like Wind chimes.We’ll be Juggling around with millions of comets,
Meteors will be hanging on our home’s gates.And I’ll beget the Moon’s shine afar,
To give birth in this Universe to millions of shining Stars.
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This poem, ‘Proposal To The MooN’ is under copyright of RhYmOpeDia.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

© 2017 RhYmOpeDia

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One Lovely Blog Award

First if all im thankful to  #Claudia, (Between the line) for nominating me and giving me chance to feel proud of myself.In reality  i never been dreamed that ind day I’d feel so rewarded…And in actually in feeling of utopian world. I feel so positivity and blessed when i  saw myself surrounded by such versatile and wonderful people, volatile writers, poets and best of bestest friends…..And as i thought there is need to be a revolution in the world of words,i.e.,writing.…because it gas capabilty to change the mentality and thaught process of anyone and it is only thing which can act as bridges between different countries, different people to understand each other and respect each other. Again im thankful  to Claudia (Between the line)as this award is like a dream coming true for me….Thank You Claudia for motivating me and encouraging with positivity.

I want to tell you, dear friends, a little about her fascinating blog. A very heartfelt blog and a very inspiringand motivating  one. It seems that she writes with honesty and passion. What I love the most about her blog is her writing style…you really feel you’re talking with a friend, somewhere in a very relaxing place. That’s her…and you can find her here at:

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About myself…….seven interesting facts

  1. I’m very moody person and even i don’t know sometimes that when my mood swings.
  2. I loves to spent time with the person whom i love from the depth of my heart.
  3. I’m lazy in respect to awake in morning but im like owl in night😚😂
  4. I loves to write and interperate my thaught in words..but i have not courage to told her that i wrote it for you😚😎😯
  5. I believe in myself and thaught that any thing is possible as nothing is impossible if u have pisitive zeal in proper direction.
  6. I loves to spent my free time in watching cricket and movies….also in writing.
  7. As i thaught I don’t likes to blow my own trumpet 😲😎😎😎😂😂

     Now nominations. Its so hard to select like breaking a mountain . Please accept it.(try nominating others too). ☺️☺️☺️☺️😇😇😇😇

    1. https://kenslitepen.wordpress.com
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    3. https://fauxcroft.wordpress.com
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    10. https://travelingpoet.wordpress.com
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    12. https://powerpuffs1995.wordpress.com
    13. https://topomzblog.wordpress.com
    14. https://maxbantleman.wordpress.com
    15. https://falyssum.wordpress.com

     Thank you,dear friends,fir your patience to read and,i consider all of your blogs lovely and interesting! So kindly follw the steps to receive this award.

    Thanking you!!!

    Loving someone is difficult!

    Its like hamering the heart,
    Freezing of sensation,
    Barking of mind and fighting with hooligan heart.

    We love, and we expect to be loved back.
    When we don’t get the much-expeected in bonding,
    Out involvement gives us pain!

    We care, we yearn, we wait,
    We spend every second of our life,
    Thinking about that one person whom we love.

    But when we realize that this person whom we are so dedicated,
    So committed is not at all thinking about us the entire day it gives us frustration.

    But still we can’t stop loving,
    The more we are ignored the more we love,
    The more we invite pain.

    Is loving someone is so difficult?
    Or the only first love is difficult??
    But always the difficult roads leads to beautiful destination!!!!

    Image Source – Internet

    This poem, ‘Loving someone is so difficult’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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    I’m suffering through headache,
    Or let me say my mind is the one going through the  pain.
    The pain goes down through my heart, rips through my rib cages.
    It just crushed my body all oviously…

    The pain of having to think about you 24/7.
    The pain of wondering what else thing are you doing.
    The pain of having to think of how you act, look, and feel when you also go through pain.
    The pain of how you look like when you wake up.
    Are you flawless like the river.
    The pain of having to think of the first thing you do when you wake up.

    Only God knows.
    I want to be with you in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
    I want to know how a typical day with you feels like.
    My medulla oblongata always has you in mind. This is not Science. It is love.
    The love I have for you is so immense, distance can’t handle it.

    Distance feels it’s so long and wide,
    it thought love wouldn’t reach us.
    But it got it all wrong.
    Love got tighter than a tough coconut covers.
    But still my head hurts. It aches or what so ever.

    Don’t know whether to follow Doctor’s advice of taking DISPIRIN.
    But the truth of the matter is…
    I don’t want to stop thinking about you.
    So I’m going to let the love headache persist.
    Image Source – Internet

    This poem, ‘Headache’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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    Its journey to the destination

    Its journey to the destination,
    Like of forming a tree.

    By making first look as the seed,
    Hate as the seeding,
    Gazing as the pullulation,
    And unfriend relationship as sapling.

    Now its time to provide appropriate nutrition,
    Thinking is like sunlight,
    Talking is like water,
    Waiting eagerly to atleast see a look is like chlorophyll,
    And your smile is like the fertilizer which amazed the growth.

    Now how I’ll live any second and how it’s hard ,
    Without thinking about you,
    Without talking to you,
    Without seeing you.

    Its going well around the dusk hour to dawn hour,
    But EGO comes as insects,rodents,
    While attitude which is negative appears as weeds,
    Its time to take care and nutrisize the relationship by a energetic smile.

    As time passed the plant like relationship growths well with or without any support,
    Here few Chutya(not literally) friends acts like support,
    Which hampers from other birds and animals,
    Its all signs to be a start of friendship between you and me.

    Now as the plant becomes a tree,
    Simultaneously friendship changed its form,
    And its leads to the start of new cycle my dear,
    Forming of fruits and flowers ,And
    Enjoying the fregrence and sweetness…..

    At this stage its like hurting,
    Like any cut at any part of tree hurts the whole tree,
    But the rainy season provides the real beauty….
    Now you can amazed the situation my dear……

    Image Source – Internet

    This poem, ‘Its journey to the destination’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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    Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta

    Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta,
    Tarif hi unki kuch aisi hai jo chand lamho mai baya nahi ho sakta,
    Har ek rza kuch aisi hai unki ki mehfilo me bedaga nahi ho sakta,
    Har yaad kuch aisi hai unki ki mehkhano me bhi behasa nahi ho sakta.

    Tafif bhi kya kru unki jinke lye tarif bani hai,
    Aksar tafif bhi apni khafa unse hi baya karti hai,
    Kuki Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

    Aankh dekh unki hum ankho mai nahi khote jaisa
    aksar log kaha karte hai,
    Par unki aankh hi kuch aisi hai jo nase ko bhi hosh me la dya karti hai,
    Sach hi to hai Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

    Khushboo to aksar rahashyi mai kho jaya karti hai,
    Par unki ruh ki khushboo dur se hi unki hal baya karti hai,
    Mano jaise Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

    Kash wo bhi hame yaad kar lya kare jaise hum kya karte hai,
    Yaad ki to choro wo to hamare naam ko bhi khayalo mai ane se mana kar deti hai,
    Ek hum hai jo unki hi yaado mai diin raat bita dete hai,
    Kuki humar hal to uss alfaaz ki tarah hai,
    Jo Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

    Image Source – Internet

    This poem, ‘Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I have completely fallen for you,
    Everything you do,
    Everything you say,
    Everything you are.

    You’r my first thaught in morning,
    You’r my last thaught before I fall asleep,
    And you’r almost every thought in between.

    You have no idea about the amount of happiness,
    That you brought in my life,
    Which is even more precious than the mines of gold.

    Image Sorce – Internet

    This poem, ‘Fallen‘ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    Having best birthday ever!!!

    You’re a real sweetheart.
    You’re a spoonful of sugar,
    a drop of syrup and a dot of honey,
    Have the sweetest birthday ever!!!!

    This is a virtual hug and a kiss for your birthday, in the form of the lovely Poetry for you.
    Here’s wishing that you get the warmest hugs and kisses from friends and family as you celebrate your birthday today.

    I am gifting you a bag full of hugs and kisses on your birthday,
    Not in the expectation for the something in return,
    But to feel you the special my dear,
    And the smile which comes on your face after going through this,
    That’s my only expectation.

    Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – these are the only times I think about you. 

    Isn’t life ironic? I am celebrating the countdown towards death,

    Of the same person without whom I would be unable to live life.

    And not in last wishing you the same as others,
    Having best birthday ever!!!

    Image Sorce – Internet

    This poem,’Having best birthday ever!!!’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn | 

    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    Sudden Action

    I feel like l have known your whole lives,
    I didn’t think that I have ever been connected with anyone like the way i have been with you,

    When I looks into your eyes thats i feel it,
    That sudden sense of hope give me hope,
    You make things okay,
    No one can do that for me,
    but only you bcz you are some special.

    Its crazy bcz even i don’t know,
    when you became so important to me,
    Its like watching sunrise,
    You see the orangish color adding up,
    But when suddenly comes out clearly you don’t know,

    And finally you are confiscated by the rays,
    And its over,
    And you are like rays which confiscate me my baby…..!!!

    Image Source: Internet

    This poem, ‘Sudden Action’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    And the question I ask myself a lot is,
    if I barely even knew you,
    why did it hurt so badly when you left?
    That’s why I don’t like remembering you, because every time I think of you,
    Unwillingly my mind think of how you hurt me,

    Can you change this??

    What…….if yess,

    Then please my dear provide me the treatment……

    Image Sorce – Internet

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-VII’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you so when I remember you,
    I shouldn’t be so sour.
    I’m not one to harbor always positive feelings, but I think if there’s any positivity within me most of it is harbored with you.
    And that’s the thing,
    I even i don’t know  ,
    because you came into my life with cyclon,
    but the way you left still hurt.

    Image Sorce – Internet

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-VI’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn | 

    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you,
    so you really shouldn’t matter.
    I shouldn’t do a double-take every time someone who looks like you sits across from me on the metro.
    I shouldn’t be worrying about what will happen if I run into you when I visit a part of the colony I know you frequent.
    Your existence shouldn’t concern me,
    but for some reason I just really don’t like being reminded that you and I were once a thing.
    Is it the right part for me or not,
    Just confused……..!!!

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-V’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you,
    so why is every memory of you and I together stained with regret?
    Why can’t I just completely forget you?
    How the hell do you find your way back in?
    I wish I were more like those little ant traps you stick around the house.
    The ants flock in only to find that what they’re attracted to is poison,
    and then they take that poison back to where they came from,
    their colony, and they never come back again. That’s really morbid,
    but I really do wish I could just forget you ever happened.

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-IV’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn | 

    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you,
    yet every time I walk by that lame where we met,
    the one with an absurdly long cocktail and way too many gathering ,
    I silently cringe.
    I hate when anyone suggests me to go there, not because I associate it with you,
    but because that place just sucks bcz of dirry gathering.
    It’s like we were meant to meet in the worst situation known to man kind.
    Now that I think about it,
    there was a blizzard that time internally.
    You should’ve just stayed in.
    That was the omen (friend’s)that warned me,
    But instead of this i’m going to get hurt myself.

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-III’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you,
    yet every time my friends and I catch up,
    you somehow come up in conversation.
    Every time I think about my first day in the school,
    I remember that god damn you helped me build when I first moved in.
    My feeling full of attitude first time crashed,

     it’s like he was trying to rid away the scent of you,
    mark with the territory of something new.
    That was left by a dumpster not too long ago, 

    throwing it away was somewhat therapeutic.
    I hated everyone except myself before this time.

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-II’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn |

     © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    I barely even knew you when I really think about it.
    I knew the part of your life you shared with me,

     but even that was slim.
    I knew the little things you told me about yourself,
    your favorite movie,
    your favorite actor,
    your favorite food,
    your mood swing,

    but the other stuff,
    I never really knew.

    This poem, ‘ThErAuPtIc…LoVe-I’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn | 

    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    My Argument

    I don’t need a reason to love you,
    I don’t need to answer questions of others
    Concerning you.

    My heart knows you and that is enough to close
    all the shaken believers,
    Who have lost their faith in love.
    You were born in me but don’t know is same born in you,
    We feed of the same need for love and fire of the mind and soul.

    I know you by your breath,
    By the sound of your steps even in the vaccum when one can’t hear anything but screams,
    By your shadow in the burny sunlight of the day when others fear of the hot wind.

    You are of like myself and that is why I loves you
    From all the power I have in my body,
    From the fear of losing you,
    And won’t have even courage to thaught about hating you.

    This poem, ‘My Arguement’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    image source : Internet

    &_Keshav Sawarn |
    © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    Pistol like "Heart"

    The day started out like any other,
    I was completely unaware about what was to happen,
    I entered the room and looked around,
    When I saw you,i felt my heart shudder.

    Everyone else just melted away,
    Until there was only you and me in the situation,
    I could feel my heart beating in my chest,
    For you were nothing like the rest.

    I was too shy to move,
    Im not kind of boy to dare at first meeting,
    You were too special to notice,
    Too precious to even try.

    Next thing I knew you were standing,
    You walk so graceful and easy,
    Then you were talking to me,
    Before I could speak,i’m playing cricket internally.

    This all channaliesd me towards you,
    After your peeping into my heart,
    But my attitudal ego comes in between,
    But i’m gets confiscated by your eyes,
    And its like my pistol like heart filled ,
    But by soft Feelings instead of rudeness.

    This poem, ‘Pistol like “Heart”’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

    &_Keshav Sawarn | © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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    जरिया किताबो का 

    ढूंड तो में तुम्हे रहा था,
    बस जरिया कितबो का था।।

    हम तो सोशल मीडिया इस्तेमाल किया करते थे,
    पर आज बैठ कर यादे लिखे जा रहे है।।

    जब मालूम ही था की तुम आखरी पन्ने में हो,
    फिर भी हर पन्ना किसी उम्मीद में बदले जा रहे थे।।

    में ने तो किताब की कवर को ही देख किताब पढ़ डाली,
    पर तुम तो सच में अनपढ़ बनकर किताब को कबार समझ रद्दी में बेच डाली।।

    मालूम है की में वो नहीं हूँ जिसे तुम चाहती हो,
    हम तो वो रकीब है जो महफिलो में घर धुन्ध्ते है।।

    हम तो हमेशा तुम्हे देख के ही नशे में रहा करते थे,
    पर कमबख्त आज पूरी बोतल पि ली फिर भी होश में है।।

    This poem, ‘जरिया कितबो का’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.
    &_Keshav Sawarn| ©2017LoOsEaCtIoN

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      वक्त को वक्त भी नहीं

      वक्त को वक्त भी नहीं,
      फिर भी नज़रें तुम्हें ही तलाशती है…
      ये सोचना ग़लत है_
      कि तुम पर नज़र नहीं है।
      मसरूफ़ हम बहुत है
      मगर बे-ख़बर नहीं है ।।

      बत्तमीज़ तुम इसलिए नही हुई क्योंकि
      किसी और पे सवाल हुआ
      सवाल वो तुम सह न सकी जो
      तुम पे बार बार हुआ।।

      तुम ज़िन्दगी नहीँ हो मेरी?
      तुम सी सरल होती काश!
      पेचीदा है ये ज़िन्दगी,
      इसीलिये ज़िन्दगी नहीं तुम
      तुम तो बिल्कुल सरल, हवाओ की तरह
      तुम तो बस मेरी सुकून वाली साँस हो।।

      बस अल्फाज़ो की ही कमी है तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ,
      कुछ ना हो के भी, सब कुछ है, तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ,
      मेरी लकीरो में, तू है या नहीं, मेरी तकदीर की इम्तिहान, कुछ इस तरह से है।।

      ख्वाइशें अधूरी हैं,क्योंकि मज़बुरी है
      मजबूरियां तुम्हारी,हमको सारी,
      सारी की सारी समझ आ गई
      पर क्या तुम्हें हमारी
      तुमको आसानी से समझ जाने की ये आदत
      पसंद आ गयी ?

      बस एक चाहत थी तेरे साथ जीने की, बरना मोहब्बत तो किसी से भी हो जाती,
      अक्सर मैंने दुसरो को जिन्दगी में मोहब्बत
      धूढते देखा है,
      पर मैंने तो मोहब्बत को ही जिन्दगी बना लिया।।

      &_Keshav Sawarn
      © 2017 LoSeAcTiOn
      All rights reserved. 

      Unhidden Secrets

      Before I met u,
      I felt that I couldn’t love anyone,
      That nobody would be able to fill the void in my heart,
      But that all changed when I met u…

       Then I came to realize you were always on my mind from first look.

      You’re funny and sweet,
      You make me laugh and smile alone unwillingly,

      You take away all my anger and sadness,
      You changed me in all aspects,
      You are the most beautiful girl
      I have ever seen,

      More beautiful than any flower that I have ever seen,
      You are most precious even more than the miles of gold,

      You made me weak when I talked to you or about u,
      Then I started to write poems about u,
      Now, I have come to realize that,
      I am Hopelessly in love with u.

      &_Keshav Sawarn
      © 2017 LoSeAcTiOn
      All rights reserved. 

      Is U Turn in Ur Breathe?

      Ur breathe

      My breathe
      Ur life
      My life.

      Shining of sun
      Glomming of moon
      Cacaphony of sewage
      Melody of waves.

      Ur attitude seems to be tide,

      Collapse you or me without ur excide.

      &_Keshav Sawarn
      © 2017 LoSeAcTiOn
      All rights reserved. 

      Soft Corner! 

      I’m the water,

      bcz ur my river…
      I play like in…shore,

      bcz u lapsly date me…
      I’m like the weeds,

      who survive even in ur adverse wave…

      U r the feeder for many my dear…

      But i’m like fish who can’t survive out of the river miss…
      Its like one side river,

      another Side fear…it console that

       Life is full of luck nd fuck my dear.

      &_Keshav Sawarn|© 2017 LoSeAcTiOn 

      All rights reserved.