Craziest nd madest collection of ally's…Part-1

Craziest nd madest collection of ally,
Mking life topsy nd turvy lke taste of sugar aftr chilli.

is like killer injection,
Unwillingly u hvve to tke it enduringly.

plays like lemon,
Who retrive from any bug but… superficially.

hahaha…likes cloud,
Who always thundering positively.

works as their name,
Big chuks in small packet which anytme surprised u warmly,
But u don’t know where it is?

seems to be boiling water,
Who can’t do anything excpt escaping,
But mesmrize fluttering clearly.

is like earthy worms,
Who pang u definitely.

is mr.holla,
Who is big aag ka golla wobbly.

who is collection of slopply,
Mks u anytime wildly.

my sapling of ally,
Who became opposite hemisphere undoubtedly.

Wat about this pushkar?

Full bag of crushes fluently!!!

don’t ask abut him…..
But he compltes my chauthi duniya finally!!!
Nd stiffly wat abut u?

U my dear…(X) r my fillip of writing nd my own fighting heartily ,it goes without announcing tag or label my dear honestly!!!

I got wide collection of ridiculous ally,
But gladly they r my therapy to animate speedily…!!!

 &_Keshav Sawarn|© 2017 LoSeAcTiOn

All rights reserved.