Feelings, oh feelings!

Because i shifted myself over you,
You hurt me with your careless insults.
They cut through me like a knife,
But blood doesn’t comes out,
So that it cured by expert surgeon.

Like nails were driven into my heart and soul,
So I went to live in the woods,
To make it easier for me to forget
the hurt,
And all the things you have done and said.

You’ve done me wrong by killing myself,
I play the records you’ve engraved into my mind,
Over and over again every day,every hours,every minutes,every seconds,to ever nano……micro……

So I went to live in a world
far away from danger, from harm,
from you and people like you.

Feelings, oh feelings!
Who can escape your presence?
Who can pretend as if you never have to be dealt with?

Who can be so foolish to think,
That one can go on the run,
Without carrying you in the heart,
Until one dares to search,
For the place where you were conceived to hide?

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