Feelings, oh feelings!

Because i shifted myself over you,
You hurt me with your careless insults.
They cut through me like a knife,
But blood doesn’t comes out,
So that it cured by expert surgeon.

Like nails were driven into my heart and soul,
So I went to live in the woods,
To make it easier for me to forget
the hurt,
And all the things you have done and said.

You’ve done me wrong by killing myself,
I play the records you’ve engraved into my mind,
Over and over again every day,every hours,every minutes,every seconds,to ever nano……micro……

So I went to live in a world
far away from danger, from harm,
from you and people like you.

Feelings, oh feelings!
Who can escape your presence?
Who can pretend as if you never have to be dealt with?

Who can be so foolish to think,
That one can go on the run,
Without carrying you in the heart,
Until one dares to search,
For the place where you were conceived to hide?

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Par Aaj

Bachpan mai aksar ek sawal guzar jaya karta tha,
Har 2-4 dino pe, har hafte ya phir mahine,
Par guzar ke jarur jaya karta tha,
Aakhir Bade hoke kya ban na hai??

Kabhi josh sai keh deta tha doctor,
To kabhi Engineer ,pilot , ya phir police,
Jawab hamesha badalta pur tayar rehta tha,
Ki aakhir bade hoke kya ban na hai.

Par aaj sache mayne mai kuch tamanaa jagi hai,
To khud pe hasi aa rahi hai,
Kuki mujhe bade hoke ab phir sai bacha ban na hai……..

This poem, ‘Par Aaj‘ is under copyright of RhYmOpeDia.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

© 2018 RhYmOpeDia

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Wake up and smell the love

Wake up and smell the love,
Why are you wasting your time??
Are you sleeping?
Or act to be sleeping?

You are finding love here and there,
But its in your left pocket dear,
Are you gathering fregrences??
Oh!! literally its wastage of time.

Have you come out of your dreamworld?
Or still going through the utopical dream,
Well !! wake up obviously you,
And consult a psychiatrist.

Have you problem in your nostrils??
But it seems in your thinking vision,
Just wake up and remove the fregranted cotton of hate from your nose.

Have you a suitcase full of dollars??
Than throw it between the needer,
Than taste your bitterness yourself.

Are you a dareing lover??
Well !! you know to beat the time by a second,
But how’s idea to beat… again without…..

(If you have any idea to complete this last line…than must be in comment!! Thanking you!!!)

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This poem, ‘Wave up and smell the love’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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I’m suffering through headache,
Or let me say my mind is the one going through the  pain.
The pain goes down through my heart, rips through my rib cages.
It just crushed my body all oviously…

The pain of having to think about you 24/7.
The pain of wondering what else thing are you doing.
The pain of having to think of how you act, look, and feel when you also go through pain.
The pain of how you look like when you wake up.
Are you flawless like the river.
The pain of having to think of the first thing you do when you wake up.

Only God knows.
I want to be with you in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
I want to know how a typical day with you feels like.
My medulla oblongata always has you in mind. This is not Science. It is love.
The love I have for you is so immense, distance can’t handle it.

Distance feels it’s so long and wide,
it thought love wouldn’t reach us.
But it got it all wrong.
Love got tighter than a tough coconut covers.
But still my head hurts. It aches or what so ever.

Don’t know whether to follow Doctor’s advice of taking DISPIRIN.
But the truth of the matter is…
I don’t want to stop thinking about you.
So I’m going to let the love headache persist.
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This poem, ‘Headache’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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Its journey to the destination

Its journey to the destination,
Like of forming a tree.

By making first look as the seed,
Hate as the seeding,
Gazing as the pullulation,
And unfriend relationship as sapling.

Now its time to provide appropriate nutrition,
Thinking is like sunlight,
Talking is like water,
Waiting eagerly to atleast see a look is like chlorophyll,
And your smile is like the fertilizer which amazed the growth.

Now how I’ll live any second and how it’s hard ,
Without thinking about you,
Without talking to you,
Without seeing you.

Its going well around the dusk hour to dawn hour,
But EGO comes as insects,rodents,
While attitude which is negative appears as weeds,
Its time to take care and nutrisize the relationship by a energetic smile.

As time passed the plant like relationship growths well with or without any support,
Here few Chutya(not literally) friends acts like support,
Which hampers from other birds and animals,
Its all signs to be a start of friendship between you and me.

Now as the plant becomes a tree,
Simultaneously friendship changed its form,
And its leads to the start of new cycle my dear,
Forming of fruits and flowers ,And
Enjoying the fregrence and sweetness…..

At this stage its like hurting,
Like any cut at any part of tree hurts the whole tree,
But the rainy season provides the real beauty….
Now you can amazed the situation my dear……

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This poem, ‘Its journey to the destination’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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This poem i loves to dedicate my loveliest friend ch……and my Bhabhiiji(Lady Don). actually mai ne un dono ke lye likhi hi hai….just enjoy dear

Kuch pyar hote hai jo dur se hi ho jate hai,
Kuch pyar hote hai jo pass ho ke bhi kho jate hai.

Ye dunya aksar aasiko ke janaje mai jati hai,
Par kuch hote hai duniya ke lye misal ban jate hai.

Hai uske bhi kai rup aur rang,
Par dil uska sacha hai,
Mana ki nahi hai coolest in look,
Par dil se hai pura purest tumhare liye hai by hook or by crook.

Aksar lok chand-taro aur jannat ki baate kiya karte hai,

Par tum dono ka sath har ek pal hi janat hai.

 Tum uske sath de ke to dekho,

Oo duniya se lar jayenge,
Sach kehta hu aag nahi lagunga duniya mai,
Aag oo duniya ko laga jayenge.

Khone ko to kuch nahi tha,
Phir bhi kho dali hai apni nind aur pyaas,
Jine ko bahot bahane the uske pass,
Par aaj tum se behtar kuch na hai uske pass.

Kehne ko to milan hota hai do jismo ja,
Par tumlogo ne kuch alag kar dalne ka soch dali hai,
Kurukshetra ja ke tumko likhni nai kahani hai.

Ab tarif karui kuch Bhabhiji (N….) ki,
Karore mai nahi wah 1mai1 hai mere dost ke lye,
Kuki carore mai 1to aksar dundh lye jate hai.

Ab mai bhi kuch bolu,
Yaad jarur karna apni shaadi mai dear😘😍…
Koi nahi agar aaj aap sath nahi har ek pal hai,
Aksar mere dost mushkilo mai hi misale likhi jati hai.

This poem, ‘1mai1’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta

Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta,
Tarif hi unki kuch aisi hai jo chand lamho mai baya nahi ho sakta,
Har ek rza kuch aisi hai unki ki mehfilo me bedaga nahi ho sakta,
Har yaad kuch aisi hai unki ki mehkhano me bhi behasa nahi ho sakta.

Tafif bhi kya kru unki jinke lye tarif bani hai,
Aksar tafif bhi apni khafa unse hi baya karti hai,
Kuki Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

Aankh dekh unki hum ankho mai nahi khote jaisa
aksar log kaha karte hai,
Par unki aankh hi kuch aisi hai jo nase ko bhi hosh me la dya karti hai,
Sach hi to hai Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

Khushboo to aksar rahashyi mai kho jaya karti hai,
Par unki ruh ki khushboo dur se hi unki hal baya karti hai,
Mano jaise Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

Kash wo bhi hame yaad kar lya kare jaise hum kya karte hai,
Yaad ki to choro wo to hamare naam ko bhi khayalo mai ane se mana kar deti hai,
Ek hum hai jo unki hi yaado mai diin raat bita dete hai,
Kuki humar hal to uss alfaaz ki tarah hai,
Jo Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta.

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This poem, ‘Alfaaz kuch aise hai jo lafzoo me zaya nahi ho sakta’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

© 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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I have completely fallen for you,
Everything you do,
Everything you say,
Everything you are.

You’r my first thaught in morning,
You’r my last thaught before I fall asleep,
And you’r almost every thought in between.

You have no idea about the amount of happiness,
That you brought in my life,
Which is even more precious than the mines of gold.

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This poem, ‘Fallen‘ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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Having best birthday ever!!!

You’re a real sweetheart.
You’re a spoonful of sugar,
a drop of syrup and a dot of honey,
Have the sweetest birthday ever!!!!

This is a virtual hug and a kiss for your birthday, in the form of the lovely Poetry for you.
Here’s wishing that you get the warmest hugs and kisses from friends and family as you celebrate your birthday today.

I am gifting you a bag full of hugs and kisses on your birthday,
Not in the expectation for the something in return,
But to feel you the special my dear,
And the smile which comes on your face after going through this,
That’s my only expectation.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – these are the only times I think about you. 

Isn’t life ironic? I am celebrating the countdown towards death,

Of the same person without whom I would be unable to live life.

And not in last wishing you the same as others,
Having best birthday ever!!!

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This poem,’Having best birthday ever!!!’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn | 

© 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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Sudden Action

I feel like l have known your whole lives,
I didn’t think that I have ever been connected with anyone like the way i have been with you,

When I looks into your eyes thats i feel it,
That sudden sense of hope give me hope,
You make things okay,
No one can do that for me,
but only you bcz you are some special.

Its crazy bcz even i don’t know,
when you became so important to me,
Its like watching sunrise,
You see the orangish color adding up,
But when suddenly comes out clearly you don’t know,

And finally you are confiscated by the rays,
And its over,
And you are like rays which confiscate me my baby…..!!!

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This poem, ‘Sudden Action’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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