Will You Take A Chance?

“Will You Take A Chance?” – RhYmOpeDia Hey, If you feel to cry, I will not let you try. Hey, If you think you are sad, I’ll be shoulder to your head. Hey, If you feel any alone, just give me a phone. Hey, If you feel so proud, I’ll be your crowd. Hey, IfContinue reading “Will You Take A Chance?”

You Know Nothing

“You Know Nothing” – RhYmOpeDia Dear Crush, I could say Dear first crush, But to be honest There was someone else before you, Someone who didn’t get away, But someone I let go. Well, thanks to you. I’m not sure if you knew for certain, My feelings before I confessed to you, But I don’tContinue reading “You Know Nothing”


My mouth wants to speak, But no sound escapes. My body wants to move, But my brain doesn’t listen. My heart wants to memorize, But my senses always denied . Why even my desire refused by myself? Why am I so broken? Why is it so hard? I can’t let you see how vulnerable I’m,Continue reading “Confusion”

If I’ll Be A Glass Of Water

If I’ll be a glass of water, Would you drink me? Would you take a chance to quench your thirst, In Love’s desert? Would you consume that life giving drink, And allow me to flow through your veins, To nourish you, To become a part of you, To explore the very depths of your soulContinue reading “If I’ll Be A Glass Of Water”

Feelings, oh feelings!

Because i shifted myself over you, You hurt me with your careless insults. They cut through me like a knife, But blood doesn’t comes out, So that it cured by expert surgeon. Like nails were driven into my heart and soul, So I went to live in the woods, To make it easier for meContinue reading “Feelings, oh feelings!”


An apple amazed Newton, Gave him a theory. So be the story, I wonder what is our story? Was there a pull that made us fall? Or did we fall because we were pulled in, Too fast or too random, Too fated or mere coincidence. Staring at an apple, Red and ripe, Plucked and ready,Continue reading “Theories”


It seemed again i was to be in relationship, Again i lost my appetite, Again i had no care about my time, Again i started caring for someone, Again her name swapped away all the expressions from my face, Again she made a lot of sense for me, Again she welcomed me to her newContinue reading “Again”

Bcz You’re Beautiful

The stars watch you when you sleep, The ocean swims with you, The birds sing for you, The winds hover over you, Nature has something to say to you, Because you’re beautiful. The Sun rises to wake you up, The days have something to teach you, The time is keeping a diary for you, NatureContinue reading “Bcz You’re Beautiful”

Little Stupid Stuff

THE GREAT DEBATE: IS IT BETTER TO BE SINGLE OR MARRIED? “It’s better for girls to be single, but not for boys.” WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON THE FIRST DATE? “On the first date, they just tell each other lies, and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.” CONCERNINGContinue reading “Little Stupid Stuff”

There is always a ‘but’

I type, type and keep on typing. Without wasting a second even for comma while typing. I write all I want to tell you. I write all I want you to know. My fingers and feelings synchronised. Full stop. I am ready to click ‘send’. But, I stop. I erase all the words. I won’tContinue reading “There is always a ‘but’”

Actually i don’t know!

Do you know the difference between us? Actually i don’t know! I told you I loved you but you thought I was lying , And you told me how you loved me , But I knew you were faking. Funny how we both loved each, Without thinking which lie tells the truth, And which truthContinue reading “Actually i don’t know!”

Have you ever felt such sudden feeling?

Have you ever felt such sudden feeling which regulates your other feelings? Have you ever felt that sudden flow of love? where everything happens so quickly and unexpectedly, where everything that you have kept inside for so long start coming out, where everything that has been hindering you from not falling for them all ofContinue reading “Have you ever felt such sudden feeling?”

Best i could do

I sent a truck full of kisses, To her house best I could do , As my lips too weak to produce a mountain😆. And when i see her smiling , I don’t know which one of us is happier. I don’t know what to read next, I don’t know what to write next, ButContinue reading “Best i could do”

Do you know that feeling?

Do you know that feeling? That feeling when you see someone for the first time and you just know. You just know that this person is going to be very important to you. That’s how it was with you. The minute that you walked in and I laid my eyes on you, I knew. IContinue reading “Do you know that feeling?”


Once while opening box of memories, I found thousands of stories, None was so touching, except one Placed at the bottom of my heart. The olden days, the golden place, At your place, I learnt my English phrase, You are the one who showed me world, While others taught the rules for fighting world LookingContinue reading “Memories”