Sudden Action

I feel like l have known your whole lives,
I didn’t think that I have ever been connected with anyone like the way i have been with you,

When I looks into your eyes thats i feel it,
That sudden sense of hope give me hope,
You make things okay,
No one can do that for me,
but only you bcz you are some special.

Its crazy bcz even i don’t know,
when you became so important to me,
Its like watching sunrise,
You see the orangish color adding up,
But when suddenly comes out clearly you don’t know,

And finally you are confiscated by the rays,
And its over,
And you are like rays which confiscate me my baby…..!!!

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This poem, ‘Sudden Action’ is under copyright of LoOsEaCtIoN.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 LoOsEaCtIoN

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