Its journey to the destination

Its journey to the destination,
Like of forming a tree.

By making first look as the seed,
Hate as the seeding,
Gazing as the pullulation,
And unfriend relationship as sapling.

Now its time to provide appropriate nutrition,
Thinking is like sunlight,
Talking is like water,
Waiting eagerly to atleast see a look is like chlorophyll,
And your smile is like the fertilizer which amazed the growth.

Now how I’ll live any second and how it’s hard ,
Without thinking about you,
Without talking to you,
Without seeing you.

Its going well around the dusk hour to dawn hour,
But EGO comes as insects,rodents,
While attitude which is negative appears as weeds,
Its time to take care and nutrisize the relationship by a energetic smile.

As time passed the plant like relationship growths well with or without any support,
Here few Chutya(not literally) friends acts like support,
Which hampers from other birds and animals,
Its all signs to be a start of friendship between you and me.

Now as the plant becomes a tree,
Simultaneously friendship changed its form,
And its leads to the start of new cycle my dear,
Forming of fruits and flowers ,And
Enjoying the fregrence and sweetness…..

At this stage its like hurting,
Like any cut at any part of tree hurts the whole tree,
But the rainy season provides the real beauty….
Now you can amazed the situation my dear……

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This poem, ‘Its journey to the destination’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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