Wake up and smell the love

Wake up and smell the love,
Why are you wasting your time??
Are you sleeping?
Or act to be sleeping?

You are finding love here and there,
But its in your left pocket dear,
Are you gathering fregrences??
Oh!! literally its wastage of time.

Have you come out of your dreamworld?
Or still going through the utopical dream,
Well !! wake up obviously you,
And consult a psychiatrist.

Have you problem in your nostrils??
But it seems in your thinking vision,
Just wake up and remove the fregranted cotton of hate from your nose.

Have you a suitcase full of dollars??
Than throw it between the needer,
Than taste your bitterness yourself.

Are you a dareing lover??
Well !! you know to beat the time by a second,
But how’s idea to beat… again without…..

(If you have any idea to complete this last line…than must be in comment!! Thanking you!!!)

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This poem, ‘Wave up and smell the love’ is under copyright of ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 ksLoOsEaCtIoN4B

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