Once while opening box of memories,
I found thousands of stories,
None was so touching, except one
Placed at the bottom of my heart.

The olden days, the golden place,
At your place, I learnt my English phrase,
You are the one who showed me world,
While others taught the rules for fighting world

Looking at you , I found a lot of flaws in me
That flaws won’t let me flee.

Its been days i have left the place(school)
But you are the reason i can fly to many a place ,
Many a time memory covers like moving cloud ,
But these memory heels my pain like a loud

And since now I am writting this,
These memories won’t stop me from crying
If my mother taught me walking,
You showed me the path for moving in life
And to shines like a star .

One thing I have in my mind
In life, dont know when I would see you next time,
I would make sure you shall be the reason for my shine,
But why i don’t know,
I loves to hate you with all my ……..

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