In the FOGG

You have my soul captured ,

I dungeoned your heart and mind utopically ,

This is rational and loved ,

It’s a prison i accepted ,

But not by you,
It’s not a love story ,

According to you,

But makes senses for me,

It’s a story of imprisoned notions ,

 It’s a sonnet where fantasies went wild only for me,

There was nothing that we were controlling ,

We’re under each other’s dominance ,

These are the pages never told ,

It’s a saga never been narrated ,

And will never be ,

Till the last wind blows. It’s all my feelings said . 

Her silence echoed to his beats

And making me horrible without any feats!!!!

&_Keshav Sawarn|© 2017 LoSeAcTiOn

All rights reserved. 

Published by Keshav Sawarn

I'm not perfect bcz im not fake....

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