Incomplete Story

“I LIKE YOU.…….” What it means to someone? Is it simple or complex? Can it change someone’s life? Yes, let’s see how it affects….. This was the line which horribly changed the life of Kishlay . Can you believe? How alphabetically few loose words can directly hamper someone’s life? These few words brought Tsunami inContinue reading “Incomplete Story”

Actually i don’t know!

Do you know the difference between us? Actually i don’t know! I told you I loved you but you thought I was lying , And you told me how you loved me , But I knew you were faking. Funny how we both loved each, Without thinking which lie tells the truth, And which truthContinue reading “Actually i don’t know!”

Have you ever felt such sudden feeling?

Have you ever felt such sudden feeling which regulates your other feelings? Have you ever felt that sudden flow of love? where everything happens so quickly and unexpectedly, where everything that you have kept inside for so long start coming out, where everything that has been hindering you from not falling for them all ofContinue reading “Have you ever felt such sudden feeling?”

Best i could do

I sent a truck full of kisses, To her house best I could do , As my lips too weak to produce a mountain😆. And when i see her smiling , I don’t know which one of us is happier. I don’t know what to read next, I don’t know what to write next, ButContinue reading “Best i could do”

Par Aaj

Bachpan mai aksar ek sawal guzar jaya karta tha, Har 2-4 dino pe, har hafte ya phir mahine, Par guzar ke jarur jaya karta tha, Aakhir Bade hoke kya ban na hai?? Kabhi josh sai keh deta tha doctor, To kabhi Engineer ,pilot , ya phir police, Jawab hamesha badalta pur tayar rehta tha, KiContinue reading “Par Aaj”

Dar lagta hai

Nazdikiya itni hai ki, duriyo se dar lagta hai, Ankho me ghehraiya itni hai , Ki doobne ka man karta hai, Bahe failaye khade hai , kisi k aagman k liye, ye dil beshbar lgta hai, Wo aati hii hogi , bs koi rasta na rok le, isi baat ka dar lgta hai, Uski addaoContinue reading “Dar lagta hai”

Do you know that feeling?

Do you know that feeling? That feeling when you see someone for the first time and you just know. You just know that this person is going to be very important to you. That’s how it was with you. The minute that you walked in and I laid my eyes on you, I knew. IContinue reading “Do you know that feeling?”

Maana ki wo meri Chahat thi

Maana ki wo meri chahat thi, Par wo anjani thi….. Arr anjano se hum pyar krte hai, Katai ishq nahi. Maana ki wo meri chahat thi, Par wo anjani thi…. Anjane aate hai arr chale jaate hai, Buss khwab si hakikat chor jaate hai. Maana ki wo meri chahat thi, Par wo anjani thi…… DilContinue reading “Maana ki wo meri Chahat thi”


Once while opening box of memories, I found thousands of stories, None was so touching, except one Placed at the bottom of my heart. The olden days, the golden place, At your place, I learnt my English phrase, You are the one who showed me world, While others taught the rules for fighting world LookingContinue reading “Memories”


If U r wind…….. Then i’m the tree….. Whatever U say……I’ll shake my head. If U r tree……. Then i’m the wind….. Whatever U say……….I’ll shake my head. If U r rain……… Then i’m the earth……. Whenever U fall……. I’ll hold U. If U r night……. Then i’m the star…… Till U exist……… I’ll alsoContinue reading “IF”

Dear Someone

Dear Someone, It’s been a long time since i last saw you. In other words, its been a long time since i’ve felt alive. The only time i’m smiling these days is when i’m thinking of you. See, i never believed in love at first sight and i don’t believe even now. But i rememberContinue reading “Dear Someone”

Mai baat tumhari karta hu

Mai baat tumhari karta hu, Sab kehte hai sayari katrta hu. Pehle to sirf dekha aur socha karta tha, Par na jane ku abb sapne mai bhi tum se baate karta hu, Mai baat tumhari………… Sab kehte hai……………… Mai aksar kuch apni jeb mai rakh ke tumhare pass aata hu, Par na jane kuu binContinue reading “Mai baat tumhari karta hu”

My love is like having a chocolate in the hand of diabetes patient

I love u much more than as a child loves a KISMI–BAR…. I love to hold u like stick of LOLLIPOP….without which its like sucking waste… I loves to enjoy ur presence,more buttery than that of HERSEY‘S… I loves to think nd get lost in utopian world like having MELODY in mouth… Ur way ofContinue reading “My love is like having a chocolate in the hand of diabetes patient”

For me loveRAIN

For me, You are the rain…. I see something in you that no one else does. I waited to see you as like a farmer for rain, You feed me with all of my love, You shower me with inspiration and self- importance….. Which help myself to grow, And make me more beautiful . ButContinue reading “For me loveRAIN”

Proposal to The MooN

I proposed the Moon one Night, To be my bride, and I’ll be the groom.To live in the Sky, where the constellations will be our home, And for the adventures for us will be all Galaxies to roam.Our World will be lighten up by the Sun’s shine, Clouds will play the music like Wind chimes.We’llContinue reading “Proposal to The MooN”

It’s not your Fault 

It’s not your fault that I expected, May be it’s mine that I did. It’s not your fault that you don’t feel, May be it’s mine because I cherish every moment with a great zeal. It’s not your fault that I am disappointed, May be it’s mine because it was only you that I wanted.Continue reading “It’s not your Fault “

As i saw you

As i saw you, Its seems a adventure is going to happen with me, Nothing is wrong with you or me, These feelings are so intense, That i miss a feeling and i do not even remember. It’s like being possessed by my own feelings, That’s not crazy, That’s human nature, That you have yourContinue reading “As i saw you”

One Lovely Blog Award

First if all im thankful to  #Claudia, (Between the line) for nominating me and giving me chance to feel proud of myself.In reality  i never been dreamed that ind day I’d feel so rewarded…And in actually in feeling of utopian world. I feel so positivity and blessed when i  saw myself surrounded by such versatileContinue reading “One Lovely Blog Award”

Let’s Chat

He:  Hey. She:  Hi. He:  Watsup? She:  Nothing much just chatting. You say? He:  Okay. Same here. **Chat Ended** But actually, he always used to type a lot more than what he used to send. He:  Hey. She:  Hi. He:  Watsup? She:  Nothing much just Chatting. You say? He: Oh ! me, I was thinkingContinue reading “Let’s Chat”

I know…..but?

I know I can’t fly, But why is it hard to resist when you’re around? I know I am good at hiding what I feel, But why can’t I hide anything about you? I know how to be happy at times, But why my smile doesn’t vanish at all when you’re with me? I knowContinue reading “I know…..but?”

Wake up and smell the love

Wake up and smell the love, Why are you wasting your time?? Are you sleeping? Or act to be sleeping? You are finding love here and there, But its in your left pocket dear, Are you gathering fregrences?? Oh!! literally its wastage of time. Have you come out of your dreamworld? Or still going throughContinue reading “Wake up and smell the love”

Loving someone is difficult!

Its like hamering the heart, Freezing of sensation, Barking of mind and fighting with hooligan heart. We love, and we expect to be loved back. When we don’t get the much-expeected in bonding, Out involvement gives us pain! We care, we yearn, we wait, We spend every second of our life, Thinking about that oneContinue reading “Loving someone is difficult!”

I goes through an accident

I go through an accident, Not physically but heartedly, In the middle of an ordinary day, A miracle happened. I get shocked, My eyes got paused but, My heart accelerated very fast, Its seeems an electric shock moving ups and down, I just lost the sensation of my sense organs, Is it result of thatContinue reading “I goes through an accident”


I’m suffering through headache, Or let me say my mind is the one going through the  pain. The pain goes down through my heart, rips through my rib cages. It just crushed my body all oviously… The pain of having to think about you 24/7. The pain of wondering what else thing are you doing.Continue reading “Headache”

Its journey to the destination

Its journey to the destination, Like of forming a tree. By making first look as the seed, Hate as the seeding, Gazing as the pullulation, And unfriend relationship as sapling. Now its time to provide appropriate nutrition, Thinking is like sunlight, Talking is like water, Waiting eagerly to atleast see a look is like chlorophyll,Continue reading “Its journey to the destination”