In the FOGG

You have my soul captured , I dungeoned your heart and mind utopically , This is rational and loved , It’s a prison i accepted , But not by you,   It’s not a love story , According to you, But makes senses for me, It’s a story of imprisoned notions ,  It’s a sonnetContinue reading “In the FOGG”

Khoj…..Khud ki!!!!

Ek baar wakt ne mujhse sabal  puch dala, Bhai mujhe Apne aap se milba do, Wo itni jaldi harta nahi tha, Phir aaj kya hua jo gumnaam ho gya hai? Pata nahi wo kaha kho gya hai, Aaj hara-hara sa dikhta hai, Par sayad wo bhul gya ki bacpan me wo hamesa nidar ban karContinue reading “Khoj…..Khud ki!!!!”

Your Smile

I love the way you are smiling, Not because you are my Feeling, When you are smiling, Your lipsy lips start fluttering, Your killer nose starts killing, Your devining ear stops working for little time, And what about your blommy cheeks? Made me like bees hovering over the immune trigger, Your hair plays such aContinue reading “Your Smile”


There was a time when we were inseparable, We spent every moment together, Every second apart, we counted the minutes when we would be together again, I was always there when you needed me, When everyone was against you, I stood by your side, Never letting you face any battle alone, We laughed like thereContinue reading “Friends”

Impatient Heart

I lost my hunger, I lost my thirst, Finding that here and there, Even without guide, On that day,what happened to me? I’m unable to memorize, But it seems it must be some big stokes , Which flittered me from deep inside, I just announced myself, But at wrong time, Im anticipating u, Without knowingContinue reading “Impatient Heart”


My twisted heart without any notice, Goes out of functioning, Your twisted words, Smoothy slipped off of your mouth, Your pale face, I wanted to paint  With the sunrise, you found in my eyes Red lights, empty streets  Grey sky, I am coming to you to please Stay with me, now I fear these chaosContinue reading “Pain……..!!!”

Questioning ? 💓

Recently once in full swing ,around the clock, Me, meanwhile, sitting under the moon or under the sun, Even i didn’t realize myself, Fighting with my own skills, Even asking from myself Do beautiful things actually get broken soon? Always heard,  Though never believed. But it is, as i thought Your love for me  and your trustContinue reading “Questioning ? 💓”

Contaminated Feelings…???

Is it contaminated Feeling??You can better understand it. Out of my mouth. I have lied. Out of my heart. I have committed murder and unfaithfulness. I have committed adultery too. Not to mention your name, lying and stealing with myself. Many times without realizing or even thinking I had really done anything wrong. In fact, my record was cleanContinue reading “Contaminated Feelings…???”

कुसूर न तेरा है न कुसूर मेरा है!!!

वो मेरी भी है,वो तेरी भी है, उसमे मैं भी हूँ,उसमे तुम भी हो, उस से ही मैं हूँ,उस ही से तुम हो, उस के लिये ही मैं हूँ,उस के लिये ही तुम हो, क्यूँकि कुसूर न मेरा है, न कुसूर तेरा है।। ख्वाब मैंने भी देखा,ख्वाब तुमने भी देखा, मन्नते मेने भी मांगी ,मन्नतेContinue reading “कुसूर न तेरा है न कुसूर मेरा है!!!”

तुम सोचना कभी वक्त के आशियाने में……….!!!

तुम सोचना कभी वक्त के आशियाने में……….!!! हम भी है इसी ज़माने में।। दिल की धड़कन है , ख्यालों में मेरे रहती है। कौन है वो , जो सवालों में मेरे रहती है।। जिस का देखा न चेहरा उस से वफ़ा करता हूँ। दिल के आईने में , मैं उस से मिला करता हूँ।। मैंContinue reading “तुम सोचना कभी वक्त के आशियाने में……….!!!”

Craziest nd madest collection of ally's… Part-2

Its stared with grasp u softheartdly. Its continued wth bhukhe sunni, With whom u feel funny continuesly. Nd the diating man sahil, Wants to be tyranical but sinks like titanic undeniably. Nd indulgent charm lussan bhai, Appe for mamby zamby roughly . Now gandi sakal tichkule haha…!!! Bilious like sodium horribly. What about the gardaContinue reading “Craziest nd madest collection of ally's… Part-2”

Craziest nd madest collection of ally's…Part-1

Craziest nd madest collection of ally, Mking life topsy nd turvy lke taste of sugar aftr chilli. Naatu is like killer injection, Unwillingly u hvve to tke it enduringly. Chattu plays like lemon, Who retrive from any bug but… superficially. Bajrangi hahaha…likes cloud, Who always thundering positively. Adi works as their name, Big chuks inContinue reading “Craziest nd madest collection of ally's…Part-1”