Incomplete Story

“I LIKE YOU.…….”

What it means to someone?

Is it simple or complex?

Can it change someone’s life?

Yes, let’s see how it affects…..

This was the line which horribly changed the life of Kishlay .

Can you believe?

How alphabetically few loose words can directly hamper someone’s life?

These few words brought Tsunami in the life of Kishlay.

It is truly said ,”Any sentence which starts with “I” and ends with “you” is dangerous in all meaningful way“.

I just forgot to introduce Kishlay to you.

He was 18 years old boy with short height, introvert behaviour , not much fair by look , combed hair , well – dressed, had amazing level of sense of humour with interesting personality and weak English. The most interesting thing was that he hated all those people who were fans of Salman Khan.

Kishlay was not a great scholar in his field but he was as best as he could be.
The story started when Kishlay got admission in college with an impressive marks on the desk.

On first day of college, .i.e; the action day;

He came to college with many questions in his little mind.

Who will be my friend? How will others treat me?

This – that…. And many more.
He entered the classroom and took a seat on 4th bench along a student.
After few exchange of words, he got to know that his partner’s name was “Sumit.”
There were about 30 students out of which 14 were girls and the rest were boys.
During 2nd lecture, his eyes unwillingly lost his attention to the smile of a beautiful creation . But he took the gesture calmly and re-focused on his attention on the words chattered by the professor.
Again and again, he was loosing his concentration as his eyes involuntarily moved towards that creation.
He thought it was natural, ” when your eyes look over something attractive, your attention unwillingly seek towards it.”
But the destiny wanted something more.
This diversion of eyes were becoming a habit and Kishlay never bothered to acknowledge it.
Environmental services helped him very positively.
After a week, during break time the weather had a pleasant surprise for them. Raindrops started falling from the heart of clouds for both of them and co- incidently both found themselves on the ground.
She….. let’s introduce her with you all –
She was one of the most gorgeous face with a million dollar smile. She was overloaded with the cuteness and one of the hottest personality in the entire campus. She had a fair complexion with short hair complimenting her beauty. Her eyes, lips , cheeks , posture, figure and everything was perfect and attractive. She had an alluring personality with loving and helpful nature. In a nutshell, we can say she was a complete package with (100+100%) cashback combo offer.
Both trapped in the beauty of monsoon, Disha (name of the girl started) was enjoying the gift but Kishlay rejected the offer as he didn’t really like rain .
This time , Kishlay acted sensibly, held Disha’s hand and moved away from the ground like a rocket, who just took off. But he slipped just after few steps and within seconds, his rocket crashed. In the process, he drew a huge rediculous smile for himself. Disha composed herself and helped him to get out from this situation very humbly. The unplanned situation left both the people, shocked and surprised .
Kishlay was shocked because for the first time in his life, he thought about a girl and in favour, she helped him. Disha was surprised as this boy never initiated conversation with her but this time held her hand that too, without permission and took her on an unsuccessful rocket run.
After the incident both acquainted with each other. On the same day, Kishlay sent the request to Disha as well as few other students on social media to avoid possible doubts. Two days later, she accepted his request.
Both appeared as good friends.

During the last period the result of 1st internal test were announced. Kishlay got 2nd position in his class. This helped in making of a strong bonding between the two.
Even now, Kishlay was unaware of the situation.
In college, Disha was humble but on social media she took all the time of the world for even a single reply. This attitude made no sense for Kishlay but he thought her being busy and tried to be online everytime so he could reply her quickly.

He usually asked her few random illogical questions, but Disha never showed any interest.
Kishlay was hurt because Disha was confusing the hell out of him by her dual faced personality. She was a different person in college and an opposite one at social media.
Gradually, the rumour that Kishlay likes Disha broadcasted in the class.
Everyone started mocking Kishlay to get entertainment out of the situation.
Now it was becoming terrible for him to talk or spent some quality time with her. The way she talked to him, the way she saw him , the way she passed smiles to him, confused him because that were not as usual or normal gestures.
Finally, he gathered some courage and said , “I LIKE YOU….”
She very politely said, “Listen Kishlay, I’m your best friend and I’ll be your best friend, nothing more than that. So, never hope for some favour in this field “.
He was hurt but the word “Friend” acted like new life. He was happy that their friendship would not be hampered by this confession.
But, there was a great U-turn waiting for them just a step ahead.
He used to mesmerize her in his dreams, imagination, conversations with friends, and for many more things. The rest was fulfilled by his friends who denoted Disha as “BHABHI”.

He used to check her last seen, her profile, scrolled gallery full of her pics , waited for her message and call. But he never dared to tag her on social media. He was too complicated with himself.

Unfortunately, Disha encountered an accident and Kishlay was standing helpless on the other side of road.
The shock was evident on Kishlay’s face. He took her to the nearest hospital as quickly as he possible. Doctor admitted her and told him to inform her parents. He informed them and sat beside her.
How did this happen was a suspense. The rate at which Disha was bleeding, Kishlay was horribly angry as he lost his control over the hospital satff.
After gaining consciousness and seeing this all, Disha realized the depth of his emotions. She tried to hold herself up to talk to him, so that, he could compose himself. But she failed due to weakness. She got a fracture.
Her pain fueled Kishlay and he started shouting loudly.This melted heart of Disha and she beckoned towards him to show her affection. They were having a romantic eye-contact and suddenly, she tried to Kiss him. Both were about to relish the soft touch of their lips when Disha’s Parents barged in through the door and saw witnessed their closeness. They felt embarrassed and called the doctor. The staff was instructed to handle Disha and Kishlay was asked to get out of the hospital. No one listened even a single word and was ordered not to contact her ever.
After that day, he never met her and never got hold of her. He tried many times but all went in vain.

Now, he is surviving by recalling the good memories, he captured with her .
Where she went, he doesn’t know?
He can only mesmerize her in his thoughts.
Every story doesn’t need to be completed.

If you have any memory , ideas, etc. then you are most welcome to share with us.

This content , ‘ Incomplete Story ‘ is under copyright of RhYmOpeDia.

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