Hello everyone,

I’m here today with my new quotes of final day i.e;day-3 of THREE DAYS THREE QUOTES CHALLENGE.

I got nominated in this challenge by my fellow blogger HEENA CHUGH (CHEERFUL SPARKLE) . So I’m thankful to her for giving me such a helpful platform to share my quotes in interesting and attractive way.

DAY – 3 (Last Day)

You all should must visit her blogs atleast once then the decision is in your court, is to visit there again or not?

But i assure you that you must enjoy her writing specially the style by which she exagerate anything. You can easily co-relate yourself with that. This is the quality which she wrote. You got inspired to perform better than best in your respective field.

You can find her at :

Click on below given lighted line –

The rules of the challenge are:

1) Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you for the challenge.

2) Share a qoute a day, for three days.

3) Nominate three bloggers for the challenge each day.

The quote for the Day – 3;

Any person capable of angering you becomes your master.

~ Epictetus

Here are the three nominations for day-3;

  1. Princeraj
  2. Yazzeus
  3. Aman Tyagi

In last again thanks to HEENA CHUGH(CHEERFUL SPARKLE).

Published by Keshav Sawarn

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  1. Thank you for such lovely and appreciating words.. I am getting more inspired and encouraged…

    Also, you are absolutely correct. Anger controls our mind negatively. People who provoke us can use this anger as weapon to destroy us. Thus, it is important to manage our anger…
    Nice quote..

    Liked by 1 person

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