My love is like having a chocolate in the hand of diabetes patient

I love u much more than as a child loves a KISMIBAR….

I love to hold u like stick of LOLLIPOP….without which its like sucking waste…

I loves to enjoy ur presence,more buttery than that of HERSEY‘S…

I loves to think nd get lost in utopian world like having MELODY in mouth…
Ur way of replying is more greedythan mouth watering DAIRY MILKSILK….
Ur presence produces more cooling sensation than that of MONCHERRY
Even ur memory exites me more than that of COFFITINO
U grace me even more than that of FERRORO ROCHER
Ur every word melts like the squeezing of PULSE in mouth…
Ur one sensation give me pleasure like getting 1000’s of AMENDI
Ur furor is like having VICKS in mouth…
Ur smile is more watering than
Ur gratitude is like full box of FROZZEN HOUTE CHOCOLATE….
Ur pay with lifetime is more expensive than the whole LE-CHOCOLAT BOX of the world…..
If i’ll try to get this all….it makes me the patient of diabetes…..
U nd me is like a chocolate and the boy who loves to taste but can’t bcz of DOBLE DACKER‘s taste……

But instead of this im eagerly waiting for tis CHOCOLATE…..!!!

Shld i got….god knows???

Keshav Sawarn

&_Keshav Sawarn|©2018 RhYmOpeDia

All rights reserved.

Published by Keshav Sawarn

I'm not perfect bcz im not fake....

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