Let’s Chat

He:  Hey.
She:  Hi.
He:  Watsup?
She:  Nothing much just chatting. You say?
He:  Okay. Same here.
**Chat Ended**

But actually, he always used to type a lot more than what he used to send.
He:  Hey.
She:  Hi.
He:  Watsup?

She:  Nothing much just Chatting. You say?
He: Oh ! me, I was thinking about you, the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you dress up, oh! this reminds you were looking like a princess not in specific but in all dress and specially when you are smiling but I never had a chance to say that

//Backspace deleted his messages but always failed to delete those feelings.//

He: Same here.
//Waits for some time but as usual no reply//

**Starts typing again**
He: Hey if you are free someday would you like to grab a cup of Coffee?

//Backspace won again//

She:  You were typing something?
He:  Oh yeah but was sending to someone else, sorry wrong chat window. (laughs)
She:  Hehe. Okay.

He always believes that a day might come when he will be able to ask her out. Know the deepest secrets of her life. Will become her best friend with whom she can be herself. He will become someone she trusts blindly. To become one of the reasons behind her smile. To be someone to whom she can talk freely without any hesitation, telling things all by her own. A day might come when he will become her ultimate problem solver. The reason to change her last seen to typing. He will become someone who can love her the way no one has ever loved anyone.
A day might come when he will be able to ask her out for Coffee.
But what if this never happens?



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  1. Beautiful, touching and well written! I’ve nominated you to a few awards, I hope you’ll enjoy them. Don’t forget to check the links bellow and to follow the steps in order to accept the award.
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