I know…..but?

I know I can’t fly,
But why is it hard to resist when you’re around?

I know I am good at hiding what I feel,
But why can’t I hide anything about you?

I know how to be happy at times,
But why my smile doesn’t vanish at all when you’re with me?

I know I can go for days without talking to anyone,
But why there is a constant urge in me to see you every day?

I know I don’t care what others think of me,
But why do I want to know how you feel about me?

I know I can make decisions for myself,
But why do I want to ask you everything that I do?

I know I am not an artist,
But why do I see your face in everything that I look?

I know I’m not drunk or anything,
But why I’m in a constant hangover of your thoughts?

I know I am an Atheist,
But why do I pray for you?

I know I don’t believe in Magic,
But why always I’m hypnotised when I look in your eyes?

I know I can’t do everything,
But why do I want to try everything that makes you happy?

I know I can’t stop you from crying,
But why do I curse myself when you cry in-front of me?

I know angels do not exist,
But why does it feel like heaven when you smile?

I know one is less heavy than two,
But why the opposite takes place when you hold my hand?

 I know I will make mistakes (blunders sometimes),
But I want to know will you help me rectify them together?

I know distance is a physical quantity,
But why does it feel like only a word when I want to meet you?

I know what others will talk behind my back,
But never did I care about them nor will I.

 I know I don’t care what is the name of “the thing” between us,
But I do know You are everything I aspire for and I’m in love with you and will be doing so till my very last breath…..


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This poem, ‘I know….but?’is under copyright of RhYmOpeDia.

&_Keshav Sawarn |

 © 2017 RhYmOpeDia

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