Impatient Heart

I lost my hunger,
I lost my thirst,

Finding that here and there,
Even without guide,

On that day,what happened to me?
I’m unable to memorize,

But it seems it must be some big stokes ,
Which flittered me from deep inside,

I just announced myself,
But at wrong time,

Im anticipating u,
Without knowing u my dried,

Its u who gave me a tap,
Otherwise I’ll lost myself,

U are one who show me ,
Who am i?

Next time I met you ,
Like unknown guy,

But its another deadliest thing,
Which I can’t compleded in my life,

And now I’m in full my way of style,
Which makes other to thaught ,

What gaves me power for such attitude at all time without any saphire,

But I’ll love you even now,
Its like my dream and desire,

Ur ruler of your heart entire,
But its mine which accelerates untired,

And this all makes me mad,
And gave me some irritating time,

 But i loves to expens this irritating time wth u,
Bcz i’m back again with lot of madness for u my……..!!!

&_Keshav Sawarn|Š 2017 LoSeAcTiOn

All rights reserved. 

Published by Keshav Sawarn

I'm not perfect bcz im not fake....

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